Jennifer Lawrence Bikini Pictures Hang Ten for the Boobtastic Bouncy Win!

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bill-swift - November 27, 2012

My, oh, my how simply our world is filled with hope and happiness. We finally got a low-down on the more boobtastic, hot shots of Jennifer Lawrence on her bikini surfing trip in Hawaii for the Thanksgiving holiday, and, well, our short boards are now long boards and we are completely out of wax.

The supremely curvy hot young actress spared no visual expense in taking to the Mighty Pacific in her little blue bikini and hitting the waves with reckless abandon. Jennifer did the same to our jaws, which were dropped the entire time we were checking out her ripe booty, full bikini bosom, and the lucky bastard of a salty body water of an ocean that got to lap up against her in some kind of tidal display of lust.

Jennifer Lawrence makes us want to do naughty things, our list now run 193 points deep. Enjoy.