Jennifer Lawrence Is My Super Hot Oscar Longshot Pick

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bill-swift - February 12, 2011

Editor's Note: Some or all of the original media content in this post was removed by somebody who does not want you to see Jennifer Lawrence looking super fine. Which, she did. And she does. And we'll continue to bring you many many pictures as evidence of such. But, for now, take another peek at Jennifer at sixteen, when she first got to Hollywood, as seen above.

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I'm just a week or so away from filling out my Oscar betting pool, which, for a fact, I've won in my group two of the past seven years, which has provided me with the cash to fund my pre-Easter crack binge (no, not that kind of crack, wait, yes, that kind of crack, wait, you know I mean ass crack right?). I can tell you that I'm going with a longshot this year, more points, in Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone. Yes, she's up against some big, old school names, but, she's a superior actress, and she's super hot. Okay, before you dismiss looking ridiculously hot offscreen as a driving force for Academy voters, take a look at these Jennifer Lawrence swimsuit pictures from Esquire magazine in the past year and tell me if you're an old man Oscar voter, you're not clicking on her name over and over again on your ballot. Enjoy.