Jennifer Garner Runs In A White T-Shirt On Set In LA

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bill-swift - March 1, 2016

Jennifer Garner hasn't taken lightly to her new found single status. Since ditching Ben and his wandering ways, Garner has begun the process of un-shelling herself and doing what divorced moms in Brentwood do. First, hit the gym. Second, start attending more social functions where the guys might be. Third, running with a smile in a white t-shirt on the set of their new movie. The third is optional but always seemingly undertaken, thankfully.

Jennifer is filming some movie I'm likely to never see because her last half dozen or so have been more than iffy. But that's beside the point. Which is she looked young and mirthful and chesty and fit running about the set in her white t-shirt with a big smile and the confidence of a woman who knows she's still got many a gentleman suitor in her present and future. What a wonderful sight for sore ogling eyes. I've always been a huge Garner fan, even through her mom jeans period. Oh, those thongs beneath. But it's time for Jen to get back on that horse. I'm in stable #7. I take oats and like to be brushed rather vigorously on my underside. FYI, Jen. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews