Jennifer Garner Homespun Pictures Bring Us Cleavage and Classic Garner Butt Crack

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bill-swift - December 7, 2010

As always, catch-as-catch-can with Jennifer Garner cans and boobs. This former super secret CIA spy has gone deep cover these days into the world of plain Jane moms, but no masquerade could mask the hotness of this former Egotastic! favorite sexy bomb, so, inevitable, bits and piece, glimpses and ganders, they're going to peek out. In this case, an ogler's eye view into the formerly displayed boobs of this now femme natal, and, of course, a classic Jennifer Garner butt crack picture, the likes of which line my wall like a quilt of sexy plumber's butt snapshot, a tremendous conversation starters for the people who never visit me. Someday, Jennifer Garner will be back, until then, it's take-what-you-can-get; and I'm scooping with two hands. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News