Jennifer Bambi Martinez Revealing Bikini Shoot In Malibu

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bill-swift - January 23, 2016

As long as you're going to be pimping a non-existent bottled water product, why not get some definitely existing lovely Latina bikini model sweethearts to help out? That's kind of rhetorical. I've been waiting. The wait is over thanks to Jennifer Bambi Martinez and her barely covered funbags of goodness on the beach in Malibu.

If your nickname is Bambi, you're simply going to be fun. And fun to leer. It's the nature of the name. Bouncy, flouncy, fun and holding your own sweet sandy tubes on the beach for the benefit of man-kind. The flesh colored bikini bottom is a nice touch as well. Speaking of touch. I know enough to ask first. I wasn't raised in a barn. Actually, technically, I was, but I hate being slapped all the same. Bambi, you are a stunning shining example of sultry wet beach body goodness. If you could just lower your arm a bit we could all be that much more ready for the weekend. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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