Jennifer Aniston Revealing Tank Top In NYC

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bill-swift - June 16, 2016

Not to be outdone by the popping headlights of Jessica Alba, the Forties and Faptastic Jennifer Aniston showed off her pert suckers in New York whilst trying to fend off the media and camera. Good luck with that. Jennifer's been in the barking hard headlights Hall of Fame for some time thanks to her pokies rivaling the consistency and tensile strength of hardened cement. In a good way.

There are rumors floating around that Jennifer might be pregnant. Seems like the last ten rumors that proved to be false, yet I'd be slightly disappointed if this turned out to be the case and I was never called in to assist as with Kate Middleton. I am a potent man. It comes from pacing myself on the couch for so many years. Jennifer, summer is truly in bloom as your blooming right through your tank top. It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. I hope it's me. Enjoy.

 Photo Credit: Splash