Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures Top Off a Fine-Topped Mexican Morning

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bill-swift - August 22, 2013

I'm not sure if it's the yoga or the Pilates or the healthy diet or the just being almost sort of kind of getting engaged or married or something, but Jennifer Aniston continues to look like a million (or ten million a movie) bucks in her bikinis, caught this time by our long range palm tree photo commandos down Cabo way once more.

I'm not exactly sure why they keep putting Jennifer in more and more movies, and I'm not exactly sure why she keeps saying she's going to flash her upper body in these films but never does, but one thing you can not take away from the former Friends star -- a slamming 40-something body that is must see when out hanging by a pool on vacation. That, you can never take away from her, though I would like to share it with her for about five minutes of deeply passionate embrace. Enjoy.