Jennifer Aniston Pictures Abide All Attempts to End Her Leading Lady Status

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bill-swift - November 19, 2010

Jennifer Aniston has had the death of her leading lady career announced so many times now I'm almost inclined to believe it, if I didn't turn around each month to find her filming yet another movie, this time, Wanderlust, with Paul Rudd. She's like the Energizer Bunny of Hollywood hardknocks, counted out so many times only to resurrect with yet another major movie and, invariably, countless magazine covers showcasing how she's dating her leading man or over men or happy with her close circle of friends and her vibrator. Personally, I still think she looks good. I know she's the forever bridesmaid, never the bride. I know Brad Pitt left her for more vibrant vag. Still, I think she looks good. Of course, we could use another bikini or nip slip to confirm. Enjoy.

Photo credit: / INF Photo