Jenna Dewan Tatum Hot Mom Selfies in Lingerie and Boots

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bill-swift - October 27, 2017

I've been loving Jenna Dewan Tatum since she was merely Jenna Dewan and had one of the finest alluring lady bodies in all of Hollywood. Plus no beady eyed husband to add that extra name. But titles can't compete with outright sextastic, which even domestication and child rearing can't erase.

Jenna took to Instagram to post a bunch of lingerie and lace up boot vacation photos from some foreign destination that made me jealous of everybody within ogling distance of the wicked hot brunette and her tingle producing fine female form. This mom knows how to get the reproductive thoughts a-moving. Those legs, that body, and those boots, it's really something that might be illegal in this country.

Jenna, once you ditch that Tatum part for the likes of a poor and hungry, yet highly impassioned man such as myself, we can work to make that your full time outfit. Every great relationship relies on kinky role play. Or is entirely that in the situation I'm imagining for the two of us. So damn hot. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Instagram