Jemma Lucy Looks Sexy at a Party in Spain

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aldo-vallon - September 10, 2017

 I always get anxiety for people with a lot of tattoos. It has nothing to do with regretting having permanently marked their bodies. I worry that they will think of a new idea for a tattoo but the ideal place will already be taken by a different one. Take Jemma Lucy for an example. It does not seem like she has much room left on that body and even though I am sure she loves her tats, there are probably some more that she has on her mind. Like what if one day she decides she would love to get a calendar tattooed on her chest because she is always forgetting her schedule, but because she already has the head of a big cat taking up that real estate she has to give up that dream. Now she will be damned to continue to be late to her meetings, or she will be absent altogether. These are the kinds of things most people do not think about before they get a tattoo. Remember, your body is like beach front property. There is no need to waste it on some bungalows when you could build up some yuppie condominiums. 


Photo Credit: Backgrid

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