Jayde Nicole Has B.A.T.’s

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bill-swift - October 14, 2010

In the small, bur rarefied category of Playboy Playmates that have survived the 'do you want to pet my monkey' sessions in the Mansion basement and gone on to still be noticeably hot and unaffected by the old man's creepiness, I must add Jayde Nicole, the brunette model hottie who just keeps getting sexier and sexier with every turn of the paparazzi switch. Seen here as a hostess and model for a sexy swimwear collection, Jayde Nicole displays what I like to refer to discreetly as Big Amazing Tits (though we'd be remiss if we didn't stand and applaud her near perfect junkside as well). This girl is going places. Hopefully, those places are hot and sweaty and prohibit the use of clothing. Enjoy.

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