Jason Statham’s Ass-Kicking in ‘Parker’ Trailer Makes Us Not Mind J. Lo Showing Up

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bill-swift - October 7, 2012

This movie kind of snuck up on me here. Say what you will about his acting, or his southern accent he tries to pull off in the trailer above, Jason Statham always delivers some pretty sick hand-t0-hand combat. There looks to be a little more light humor in this than his Transporter series, but it has a very Payback feel to it but with less anti-semitism Mel Gibson sneering.

When Parker turns down a job offer to pull off a jewel heist, he narrowly escapes with his life. He then teams up with a female real estate agent who is familiar with the local town and has nothing to lose to find the target of the heist so they can steal the loot for themselves.

Parker comes out January 25th, 2013.

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