Jasmine Tookes Melontown USA For Victoria’s Secret

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earl-jonas - November 9, 2017

Victoria's Secret model Jasmine Tookes just can't seem to slow her sexy roll, and recently took to Venice Beach to one up her hot sweaty shoot that we took a look at just two days ago. Who would have thought we'd get twofer Tooker in one week? Certainly not me. The twenty-six-year-old supermodeling sensation has coin coming in every which way, and this time around seems to be shilling for Victoria's Secret proper while pairing one of their breastacular bras with her sporty yet sensible getup. Two days ago she was turning tricks for Victoria Sport - their athletics line. But apparently when you look like Tookes, you can wear workout gear, a bra, whatever you want really, in public and still make it work. I mean I don't want to be too forward, but I would go as far as to suggest that she just wear nothing. If you're reading my gross post, Tookes, please let me know if this will be a possibility in the comments below.


Photo Credit: Splash News