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aldo-vallon - September 2, 2017

 I think it is time to say that I have had enough internet for the day when I catch myself wondering which books are located in that stack when there is a beautiful half naked woman sprawled out right beside it. I do not think there is any novel in existence that should be able to trump that, certainly not one by Johnathan Franzen. This is usually around the time when I question how desensitized the internet has made me in general. It used to be that just a hint of a side boob was enough to get me to wrap why jacket around my waist, but those days, for better or worse, are long gone now. I doubt I am alone in that respect either. If I were to see a doctor I would be willing to bet that he would tell me he has seen less scar tissue on a man with third-degree burns. I apologize for putting that image in your mind, but just think about how I feel having to look at it every day. We all have our crosses to bear I suppose, and in that light, I could be considered a hero.    

Photo Credit: Ben Tsui

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