Japanese McDonalds And The Case Of The Golden McNugget

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michael-garcia - June 6, 2016

What could be more American than McDonalds? Except that it's not just our restaurant any more. The fast food chain is crazy popular all over the world, no more so than in Japan. The Japanese McDonalds brand is used to doing wacky things and selling bizarre products like a black squid ink burger, for example. But their latest venture is truly bizarre. Hidden somewhere in a pack of McNuggets is a solid gold McNugget that's worth a lot of money. It is the doing of an exclusive character named Kaito Nuggets, who steals people's sauces. There is a social media campaign to catch Kaito Nuggets by having people tweet where they see him. The press release says,

"He may appear in some of McDonald’s restaurants through the country, may throw out a ceremonial first pitch for a professional baseball game, or pay a visit to a prefectural governor making a surprising request entertaining people."

This goes all the way up to a governor of a prefecture, which is like a state. You can win nuggets as well but what people really want is that golden nugget. Unlike the golden ticket in Willy Wonka, you don't get to tour a magical facotry where they make chicken McNuggets. But you do get a solid gold lump, so there is that. 

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