Jamie Lee Curtis Cleavage And All The Sexiest Stars At The “Halloween” Premiere

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aldo-vallon - October 21, 2018

John Carpenter really painted himself into a corner by naming one of his most memorable films Halloween. Every sequel it spawned was damned to take place on the most unholy of nights. No wonder so many teenagers keep dying in every film. Had he thought to name the first movie something more wholesome like Christmas only the first movie would have involved a killing spree, because what are the chances that something so violent happens every year on that holiday?

Every movie following the first one would have involved at most one suicide, and the rest of the movie would have had the survivors getting drunk on eggnog. I think that would have been a much more realistic franchise.

But no, Carpenter had to taint a holiday that was otherwise pure in our minds. It used to be about kids getting candy and trying to scare away evil spirits so they didn’t eat there soul, or some such thing. But now it’s just about murder and sex. If I was not such a big of both of those things in film then I would be writing an angry letter instead of this post.



Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram