Jamaal Franklin Threw It Off the Backboard to Himself Like it was No Big Deal

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bill-swift - January 11, 2013

San Diego State's Jamaal Franklin is kind of a freak, in basketball terms. Normally, 6'5" guards aren't rebounding machines, but Franklin averages 10.5 a game, and nearly two blocks to go along with his 17.4 points. But in last night's game against Fresno State, it was Franklin's highlight reel dunk that stole the show. Oh, Franklin had 20 points and 18 boards in the win, but none of that compares to his off the backboard lob to himself.

Not only is Franklin going full speed when he does this, but he throws the ball from beyond the three point arc. That is just insane timing, athleticism and confidence. Franklin's response to reporters after the game? 'A lot of players wouldn't do that. That's just me being myself.' He's right, not too many guys would do that. Miss and you feel the coach's wrath for a long time.

h/t The Big Lead

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