Jaimie Alexander Spandex Peeks For Shape

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bill-swift - February 9, 2016

Jaime Alexander and her Shape magazine shoot just keep on giving the hottie looks from the brunette stunner and her toned and tight body that I've been dreaming off long before I even ever met her. This behind the scenes peek at her pictorial lends an additional see of sweet leers at Thor's lady friend and the future lost weekend lust of my life.

Jaime is the new breed of thespianic talent who keep themselves in shape through hardcore workouts and hardcore sweat. The old days was more Fresca and prunes. Now a woman onscreen needs to have muscles and a core and tight legs and a booty that could crack a walnut or whatever fun thing you can think of to replace a walnut that perhaps was surgically altered a week s after birth with everybody yelling 'mazel tov!' Jaime, we should workout together some time. By that, I mean I'll hold your water and towel while you call me a puny human and make plans to degrade me later in the evening in the privacy of your own basement dungeon. Tuesdays good for you? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Shape

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