Jaime King Leggy Premiere Pictures Are a Reminder of Jaime King Hotness (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 24, 2010

I've been waiting for some time now to get Jaime King on this site again, sort of a secret crush that I want to share with the world. Now she's on this craptastic looking show on ABC, My Generation, that I think is supposed to be hip and cool and geared at 20-somethings who spend their time wishing they were back in high school when they didn't have to have jobs and bills and the tougher to get rid of STDs and such. I've lusted Jaime King a little since Pearl Harbor, but definitely since Sin City, and wish she'd do sexier roles in film and not this diet-vanilla shake roles on these TV shows. Still, I will be freeze-framing that bad boy to see the Jaime King, a sextastic fiend in bras and panties, or, you know, even in a short dress as in these Jaime King premiere pictures, showing off those amazing legs. Enjoy.

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Here's a brief Jaime King movie hottie primer, from Alibi and Fork in the Road.