Jaclyn Swedberg Bikini Shots by Raquel Rischard Because Hotties Photographing Hotties Is Genius

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bill-swift - September 5, 2013

We got a chance to see girly photographer Raquel Rischard showing off in a bikini in her own right not too long ago and she put on quite the hot body show.  Now she's back behind the camera shooting the sextastic shizz out of Playboy Playmate Jacyln Swedberg on the beach in Santa Monica. The idea of two hot chicks photographing each other is beyond alluring, and even if these aren't the cell phone during tipsy slumber party type shots, just the site of hottie on hottie exposure makes me want to cool off something fierce in the ocean and remain there until I can avoid a publicly embarrassing moment upon my exit.

Jaclyn Swedberg has much to offer as far as a subject matter. Especially if that subject matter is extremely awesome bikini goodness. Her curves makes me want to write a song about, well, curves, on a sexy brunette sitting by the water waiting for her blogger sailer to come home from the sea. I might've added that blogger part. Enjoy.