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bill-swift - November 13, 2013

As far as I can tell, 138 Water is now the second largest employer in Los Angeles, only behind the L.A. Parking Authority which I believe maintains a staff of 800,000 meters maids to keep the city safe from parking ticket deficiencies. Jaclyn Swedberg has taken a few bodacious bikini turns herself now pimping the bottled water that can't be bought in stores, online, or anywhere else it seems.

Maybe you're supposed to just imagine you're drinking it, or pouring it over the lips of the likes of this ridiculously hot former Playboy Playmate. I imagine I would pour confidently, with zeal, yet a touch of tenderness that would get me a call at 3am one evening telling me she misses me. It's hard to imagine saying 'no' to being Jaclyn Swedberg's late night water call. Enjoy.