J-Woww And Her Double D’s Kick Off the Supposed Final Season of Jersey Shore

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bill-swift - June 29, 2011

According to the masters of all things craptastic over at MTV, this is the final season filming of Jersey Shore, but I'll believe that when I don't see it. Admittedly, it's probably hard to keep bringing a bunch of now-rich, not quite Italian-American, celebrities down to a little beach house by the shore and pretend they're still dealing with the mundane issue of their jobs in the t-shirt store, trying to make rent, and wondering where their latest cold sores came from.

Still, I must admit, I shall miss J-Woww. She has grown on me over these past couple of years, in similar fashion to how she's grown herself, with ever bigger boobtastic, ever smaller waist, and increasingly the only reason to pay attention to these twisted midget knuckleheads by the beach. J-Woww flashed her fine sports-bra clad puppies in a return to the Shore house this week, with the television cameras once again rolling, and me, once again ogling. Enjoy.