J Law The Liar And Nude Denier

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elliot-wolf - February 28, 2018

Jennifer Lawrence continues to promise her disappearance on a daily basis but has yet to find the courage to actually disappear. I’m not surprised how flexible her tongue is when it comes to telling false tales after her hacked photos gave the world a glimpse of the trademarked J Law 90° bend mirror selfie with no panties. Maybe instead of working on saving democracy she can work on saving herself from embarrassment every time she opens her mouth or legs. She’s taking MeToo head on by creating a TV series inspired by the movement. How original. Rose McGowan and Heather Graham aren't involved in similar projects.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence and former E! News host Catt Sadler are bringing their talent to the small screen. The duo is working on a television series inspired by the Me Too movement and Time’s Up initiative, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Lawrence reportedly let the news slip during a Friday appearance at The Wing, a women’s co-working space in New York City. “I wasn’t supposed to announce that but I am,” Lawrence told the crowd.

But what is a MeToo woman to do when she complains about the world seeing her naked and then proceeds to do a nude scene in her upcoming spy movie? Lie again of course. She claims her nude scene in Red Sparrow is taking back her agency. But in reality, it's ensuring she doesn’t experience the sting of a second failed film under her belt because, tits. Amazing how one woman can make a statement like “I felt like I was gangbanged by the entire planet” to having no problem with showing everyone the goods as long as she's getting a check. It doesn't get any more MeToo than that.

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