Izabel Goulart Winds Up Her St Barts Vacation With Asstastic Thong Splendor

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bill-swift - January 3, 2017

Izabel Goulart is what you might call a giver. Whether she knows how much pleasure her multi-bikini vacation in St. Bart's has given the rest of the world or not, the pleasure has still been delivered to millions of men around the voyeuristic world. Izabel decided on a big windup with a pink whale tail bikini that show off almost every single inch of her smoking hot and tanned derriere. Mother Nature helped up by blowing up her cover up to reveal her perfectly pert rump.

I don't like to give out grades, but were I providing scores on bikini winter Caribbean vacations, Izabel would be right up there with the highest achievers. Several days of prancing across the sands, several days of different colored and shaped, though always tiny, bikinis and thongs. It's quite a thrill. Not quite like being with her to bed down in the straw hut in the evening, but certainly pleasing to the peepers. A-plus, Izabel. Your work is superb. Enjoy.

Photo credit: PacificCoastNews