It’s Up In The Air Whether ‘Daredevil’ Is Coming Back! Here Are 5 Other Superhero Movies That Never Materialised

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bill-swift - August 22, 2012

Cinema goers can't move in their local multiplexes without seeing posters and advertisements for superhero movies which are being released in the near future. Whether it's been Whedon's Avengers, Nolan's Dark Knight or Webb's Parker, there have been plenty of comic book legends that have entertained us this summer. So it's no surprise that some lesser known graphic novel dignitary's are being turned away by Hollywood producers because there just isn't any room for them.

Apparently Joe Carnahan's attempts to rekindle the adventures of Daredevil have been shelved by Fox. And with the studio only holding the contract for the character until 10th October it seems like we're going to have to wait for a long time to see Matt Murdock again on the big screen.

But what other superhero movies haven't materialized that we expected to?

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