it’s the new Wonder Woman. No, really.

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editor - March 19, 2011

Coming Soon has the very first picture of Adrianne Palicki in the new NBC version of Wonder Woman (full size here), and holy shit are you god damn kidding me.

She looks like a model for a Halloween website, and there's no reason for it because it takes 3 seconds to run a search and find a hundred sexy Wonder Woman costume ideas. Like photoshopped Megan Fox. Or photoshopped Megan Fox as Supergirl which for some reason comes up. Or Veronika Zemanova (nsfw versions here). Or any of these drawings. Or Denise Milani. She does look better than Kim Kardashian did though, and Olivia Munn, and this naked black guy holding his penis. But not as good as her and Supergirl about to do it. Or naked and losing at strip poker. She's 300 feet tall and her clothes are ripped off and a machine is making love to her for some no doubt rational reason in this one. Naked while a guy jacks off on her here, though that may not be an official Wonder Woman cartoon. This one is just Kim Possible naked while some green girl shoves a vibrator in her ass, and to be honest I don't feel like that one should have even come up during my sexy Wonder Woman costume search. Is it sexy? Yes, of course, obviously, but not only are they not Wonder Woman, they're not even wearing costumes.

In summation, NBC has the worst Wonder Woman ever except for two $10 costumes and a masturbating hermaphrodite. Way to go, NBC. Clap. Clap. Clap.