It’s the ‘Argo’/’Home Alone’ Mash-Up You Never Realized Was So Obvious You’re Pissed You Didn’t Think of it First (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - March 1, 2013

Brokeback to the Future was one of the first truly viral move mashups that took over Youtube for awhile. Since then there have been a lot of really, really  bad, amateur guys with iMovie putting together some of the worst copycats of it. But every now and then someone like Dog Food Films gets it right. Hot off its recent win as Best Picture, and hot off its recent inclusion as the entire third of act of Skyfall, Argo and Home Alone go together like Kevin McCallister and a couple of bumbling thieves who in any other movie would kill that little kid really early on in the film.

Watch Argo Home Alone above and some of our favorite film mashups below.

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