It’s Begun. Kylie Jenner Pierces Infant Stormi’s Ears

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Sam Robeson - July 19, 2018

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You're only officially indoctrinated into the Jenndashian family when your mother advocates painfully altering your body to make you look worse. Or filming yourself choking on a black cock. Kylie Jenner's infant baby Stormi isn't quite ready for the latter yet - though grandma Kris Jenner certainly has the milestone marked on her calendar. For now, Kylie is starting small by piercing her baby's ears (the piercings were first visible in the Snapchat video above) to make her look just a little trashier than she was before. Welcome to the family, Stormi.

This is one of those divisive mothering decisions that has sparked heated conversation for decades. Should parents be allowed to inflict unnecessary pain on their children? If Britney Spears sings around the kids, then it's sadly gone too far. While some are slamming h8er Kylie for punching a hole in her kid's head, others are defending her by pointing to other cultures and geographical regions, such as India and Nigeria, in which the practice is the norm. Of course, female genital mutilation is also prevalent in Nigeria. Let's not use Nigeria as the gold standard for child care.




Do you think Kylie should be able to pierce her baby's ear and that Stormi should just be glad that she doesn't already have a snowman-proportioned body with silicon dripping out of her ears, or is this fucked up and Kylie is just common trash? Or all of the above?


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Photo Credit: Instagram / Backgrid USA

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