iSO Title ‘Cut the Rope’ to Become a TV Show

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bill-swift - October 6, 2012

Every now and then a piece of news come along that's a bit...bizarre. It's never easy to tell whether this is a smart decision or not but Sony has just announced that a TV show based off the hit iSO game 'Cut the Rope' is set to become a TV program of sorts.

The show will be a live action game show based of the game's main character 'Om Nom'. The agreement between Cut the Rope developer 'ZeptoLab' and Sony also grants Sony Pictures Television a first look at all ZeptoLab's future projects.

'Every hour of every day, app producers are creating new ways to entertain global audiences, with Cut the Rope offering one of the most striking examples. ZeptoLab is a pioneer in bringing innovative, witty and addictive apps to the world. We share a similar passion and ambition at SPT and this collaboration will lead to forms of entertainment across all possible partners.' -Wayne Garviem Sony Pictures Television

ZeptoLab CEO Misha Lyalin also expressed his excitement for the projects stating 'Sony Pictures Television has an amazing track record in developing hugely successful game shows on television. He also added 'We love the idea of our fans being able to see and engage with Om Nom on the television screen and this partnership with Sony Pictures Television will let fans do just that, bringing Cut the Rope to life in a brand new, interactive way.'

For those unaware of the popular iSO title, Cut the Rope tasks players with attempting to feed Om Nom by cutting various ropes to free the candy while avoiding hazards along the way. How this could play out as a television show is still unknown to me but I look forward to seeing it all play out when it hits the airwaves.

What do you think? Does a concept like Cut the Rope have hope of making a lasting impression as a game show?

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