Isla Fisher Busts Out In NYC, Relive Other Bodylicious Moments

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aldo-vallon - October 4, 2017

 Isla Fisher is aging better than a ripe banana in the summer time. That may be a gross understatement, but I feel the statement stands nonetheless. I have paid close attention to the career of Ms. Fisher ever since the first time my adolescent eyes laid upon her in Wedding Crashers. She gave quite the performance in that one, in fact it was so good that I think most other actresses would have called it quits. But Isla has been going strong and shows no signs of stopping.

I admit I was devastated when I was first told of her relationship with Sacha Baron Cohen. And I fell into an even deeper depression when I heard of their marriage. Why must I always fall for the women who are "traditional" or are "lesbians"? That last one has nothing to do with this, I just seem to meet a disproportionate number of women who claim to be than one would expect to run into. And they always go out of their way to make it known. Weird. But I will continue to hold out hope. Not for the lesbians, but for Isla to finally come to her senses and leave her famous millionaire hunk, to run away with a nobody she has never met.  


Photo Credit: Splash News, Mr. Skin