Iskra Lawrence Pokies On Display And Extra-Juicy Cleavage Out During Cannes

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aldo-vallon - May 15, 2018

Is Iskra Lawrence making an intentional move to look more like Sophie Turner with that red hair, because if so then I would say she is succeeding. I mean, plus or minus a couple of dress sizes and it is practically a spitting image. I can never remember what day Comic-Con falls on, but I would say Iskra already has her cosplay picked out. All she needs to do is throw on one of those old dresses and then pour a bucket of fake blood over her head and I would bet she’d have fanboys paying to take pictures with her.

What a top for that chest to squeeze into. Even her nips are having a hard time staying inside. If she stays out in the sun for too long she risks having that top shrink up to the point of it being unremovable.

As a child that was a frequent irrational fear of mine. I blame the movie Big. I thought that if I grew overnight into the size of an adult then the clothes that I was wearing would start to strangle me, like a tree growing into a fence. This is also related to why I stay away from carnivals.

Photo Credit: Splash News