Is the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One Ahead Thus Far? Let a Little B.S from Gamespot be Your Guide (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - July 26, 2013

The two next-generation wonderboxes continue to vie for our attentions. Microsoft and Sony are still embroiled in juvenile one-upsmanship, put-downs and pranks at the other's expense. Last night, Sony bigwig bossman Kazuo Hirai sent an elite team of lackeys into Microsoft's HQ, to replace the ‘in' tray with the ‘out' tray, and thus spread confusion, panic and general discord throughout the company. It's rumored that they also shat on the desks and wrote bollocks on the whiteboard with a Sharpie. This is business at its most cutthroat, right here.

Except that's not even slightly true. Even so, with all the wang-waving displays of games and tech specs from the two, it'd be pertinent to see which way the wind is blowing. It's blowing, seemingly, out of the ass of a financial analyst in this episode of Gamespot Daily News.

With only undisclosed preorder figures to go on, we're told that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are both sold out at Gamestop. Also, Microsoft's console, a guy who quite plainly knows his shit speculates, may have double or triple the units available at launch. For more wise words from the oracle, and the --prospective-- fate of Grand Theft Auto V on PC, take a look at Tuesday's installment of Gamespot's news above.

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