Is The Cartoon Of Serena Williams As Racist As People Say It Is?

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Sam Robeson - September 10, 2018


We're really supposed to limit our no-no words on here so as not to offend the delicate sensibilities of exclusive brands that advertise with WWTDD like Cartier, Aston Martin, and Mexican Viagra 'R' Us, but I'm going to go wild and say that Serena Williams is a nasty fucking bitch. She's truly a monster of a roided out human being who makes The Rock look like Natalie Portman. She also happens to be black. And, technically, hypothetically, a woman. It's because of these last two facts that no one is allowed to make fun of her. Which, personally, seems racist and sexist. Nobody gets that I'm a champion for progress. And if this post doesn't drive home that fact, then nothing will.

The big news today is that a cartoonist for some trashy Australian publication - so, any Australian publication - depicted Williams during her mid-match meltdown that earned multiple fines during the US Open. After being accused of receiving instructions from her coach - a violation in tennis - Williams screamed at the umpire and smashed her racket. Also violations. She was an unsportsmanly bratty ogre, and detracted from her opponent's eventual win with her childish antics.

This is the reality depicted by cartoonist Mark Knight for the Herald Sun in the image. But as Williams is a woman, and black, the cartoon calling out a celeb on her bullshit is being interpreted as racist and sexist. Every celeb who stands to gain a handful of Twitter followers is slamming h8ers Knight and the Herald Sun, with Kathy Griffin tweeting:

Hey @Knightcartoons just change your name to KKK Cartoons Racist piece of sh*t!

God she's clever. J.K. Rowling chimed in with:

Well done on reducing one of the greatest sportswomen alive to racist and sexist tropes and turning a second great sportswoman into a faceless prop.

On one hand, Knight might have gone a little too far with the lips, which harken back to racist African American depictions from yesteryear. (He also depicted Williams' half Japanese, half Hatain opponent Naomi Osaka with blonde hair. Some are upset by this, even though she sported a blonde ponytail during the match.)


On the other hand, Knight is Australian, and Australians are more familiar with racist depictions of enslaved and marginalized Aboriginals. On the other other hand, after the dust settles, Williams should commission Knight for a portrait, because she looks ten times better in the cartoon than she does in real life.


Photo Credit: Herald Sun / Getty Images / Instagram 

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