Is Serinda Swan Reason Enough to Watch ‘Breakout Kings’ Tonight on A&E?

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bill-swift - March 19, 2012

Egotastic! is often accused of just checking out TV shows for the hot actresses and neglecting to notice how good a show might actually be. Well, accusations hurt, even if totally true, so we decided to interview one of the writers from the breakout A&E show, Breakout Kings, which has all the critics and TV nerds buzzing with excitement, now into its second season.

We rang up Michael Gilvary, Breakout Kings writer, to ask him some hard-hitting questions about the show. Sure, he hung up on us a few times after stringing together a series of unnecessarily nasty comments about our mothers and tree branches, but persistence pays off in all things. Michael relented. And here's how he handled our profound interrogatives:

Why is Breakout Kings better than any other show on television?

Because it's a rare combination on television of dark psychopaths, violent action, tough-as-nails heroism and boob jokes. Plus, we're allowed to say shit, and we try to make the most of that. Next shitty question, please.

Is Serinda Swan hotter than the actual sun?

Here's the inside scoop on Serinda. She is even hotter in real life than she is on TV. High definition technology clearly has some room for improvement. Plus, she is just as tough and determined as her character on the show. Case in point, she recently rode a bike across Cambodia to raise money to end sex trafficking, which is not something I could do to save my own life. The bike riding part, or the sex trafficking part, just to be clear.

Tonight's episode marks a bit of departure for Serinda's character, Erica. She usually wears a prison jumper or blue jeans. So, for my first episode of the season, I asked myself, 'How can we justify dressing Erica like a Bond girl?'  Tune in tonight to find out. 

Say I'm a fugitive from the law (I'm just asking for a friend), what is the best way for me to never get caught by a team of ex-cons?

Do you watch our show? There is no way you can evade the Breakout Kings. They will not rest until a fugitive is either caught or dead. However, in real life, if you are fugitive, here's a simple tip: don't visit your mother on her birthday. Rookie mistake. 

Do you use real bullets on the show and do people really die during filming?

I'm going to have to speak to A&E's legal department and get back to you on that one. One thing I can tell you though -- we have yet to kill three horses on Breakout Kings

Is it true that all TV writers are pale, unhealthy looking dudes who have trouble meeting women?

Cliches and stereotypes are for ignorant people. However, this one happens to be true.

And there you have it. The big skinny on Breakout Kings from an insider with glasses and everything. Check it out tonight to see what Serinda is wearing.

Breakout Kings airs Sunday nights on A&E at 10:00PM, unless you live in the Central timezone, which can't seem to handle staying up late.