Is Lego’s Jabba The Hutt Playset Racist?

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bill-swift - January 26, 2013

There is an uproar in the Turkish community in Austria over Lego and Jabba the Hutt. Let me explain. Lego and jowl beast George Lucas have made a mint representing every second of the Star Wars movies in Lego form, (even the crappy prequels). You will recall from Return of the Jedi that the vile slug-like gangster Jabba the Hutt lived in a large palace complex on the planet Tatooine. The complaint by the Turks is that Jabba's palace looks exactly like the 1800-year-old mosque The Hagia Sophia that was originally built by the Romans. They also claim that Jabba himself is a racist representation of Turkish culture, I guess because he smokes a hookah? Lego says that it didn't mean to diss the Turks and they were just making a little plastic brick model of of the movie set. It would be easy to dismiss these claims as's not like George Lucas doesn't have a track record of racist representation in his films. Jar Jar Binks was straight out of a minstrel show and the Trade Federation were gross Asian stereotypes. Also I've been to the Hagia Sophia and it does look an awful lot like the UNESCO world heritage site. So....

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