Is LeBron James Hurt? (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - June 21, 2012

With just over five minutes left in the fourth period and the game on the line still, you know it had to hurt pretty bad for LeBron James to stop and sit on the court. He eventually had to be carried off the court so trainers could treat him.

On the previous possession he had tried to drive down the lane, but fell and cracked his knee on the court. He did appear to be limping a little immediately afterwards. It would seem that everything is fine since James only sat out for about a minute before returning to the game, but adrenaline can allow a person to do some incredible things.

We probably will not know the extent of the injury or if there really is one til later today. The Heat proved they could win without just two of their Big Three, but should LeBron miss any time the Thunder could be in for a very lucky break.

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