Is Kylie Jenner Really Pregnant? Check Out Her Sexiest Pics To Not Find Out

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earl-jonas - September 25, 2017

Right now, the entire world is waiting to see if Kris Jenner did, in fact, impregnate Kylie Jenner with a reality child that will rule them all. The sassy starlet has not confirmed the rumors that have been swirling around throughout the weekend, but more and more evidence is pointing towards yes, our Messiah is baking at 98.6 degrees.  

While Kylie wouldn't be the first Jenndashian offspring to have a kid, at just twenty-years-old, she would be the youngest. Anyone who's frequented Kylie's Instagram will know that she's the queen of sextastic selfies, and, if she is pregnant, she's sure to be the MILFiest MILF in all the land someday. Until we know more about this insanely important news, check out Kylie Jenner's sexiest pictures yet in the gallery. These are definitely going to be framed in the nursery. 


Photo Credit: Instagram