Is Kate McKinnon’s Gal Gadot Impression A Gal Gadon’t? (VIDEO)

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earl-jonas - December 6, 2017


It's no secret that funny fox Kate McKinnon is bodytastic in her own right, but while chatting it up on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, McKinnon channeled fellow Hollywood hottie Gal Gadot with a hilarious impression. Some might say that McKinnon is tired and one-note in general, but I say she's pretty damn funny while painting Gadot as the poised unflinching Isralie princess that we know she is:  

I asked her, like, ‘Do you have hobbies, Gal? Aand she was like, ‘I love to go to the beach, I love to paddle board, I love to watch my children run on the sand, I love to go to the Maldives. Do you have a hobby, Kate?’ I was like, ‘I watch Dateline!'

Do you hear Gal Gadot in this interview when you close your eyes? Is this a Gal Gadot or a Gal Gadon't? Let us know in the comments below.