Is GTA V’s Franklin More Badass Than Evel Knievel? Death Defying Leap Over Exploding Busses Ahoy! (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - April 10, 2014

Now, we can't deny that daredevil-ism is pretty badass. The whole premise of doing the stupidest, body-rupturing-est shit you imagine, and being rewarded for it with adoring groupies and mountains of cashtacular... that's the best job in the world, right there (the doctor who allegedly had to inject a cocktail of chemicals into Cheryl Cole's ass --to help her over the whole Ashley Cole thing-- notwithstanding).

The fact that Evel Knievel holds the world record for most broken bones in a lifetime is kind of a downer, though. But hell, screw consequences and common sense and of that BS. What we want to see right now is a dude, a car, and a jump over 28 exploding buses which are on effing fire.

Our ol' buddy Evel, Kotaku reports, only managed half that amount (hit the link to check out his own stunt). But here comes Grand Theft Auto V's Franklin, proving that there's always something brilliant, impressive and ultimately useless to do in Los Santos. You've got to admire this intrepid soul and his well-timed pyrotechnics.

Via Kotaku.

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