Is Farrah Abraham Literally The Most Stunning Thing Ever? The Answer Will Surprise You

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earl-jonas - March 29, 2019

And that answer is "Hell yes. Oh wait, it needs to be surprising. Bitch?" We see a lot of stunners here at Egotastic, but Farrah Abraham is pulling ahead of the pack with these new candid bikini shots snapped in Malibu. The Teen MILF is all pleasure from the neck down - what with her gigantic breasts busting out of her bikini top and her massive badonkadonk that's a massive badonka-do. But from the neck up, she's all business. Abraham sports her geeky frames, reminding us that while she is a pornstar, she's a businesswoman first and foremost. Head to the gallery to see Abraham's flawless curves and infectious smile. Boys do make passes at this girl who wears glasses...

Photo Credit: MEGA