Is ‘Call of Cthulu’ The Horror Game We Deserve And The One We Need Right Now?

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chris-littlechild - May 17, 2016

  Back when the GameCube was released, Nintendo tried to fool us that they were cool and edgy and down with the kids. How? They made a deal with Capcom which saw the entire main Resident Evil series ported to the ‘cube, along with an exclusive (at the time) remake of the original and a prequel.  

So, yup. Nintendo-exclusive horror games are, occasionally, a thing. The more discerning Ego-gamers among you might also remember Eternal Darkness. If you do, we are now BFFs. High five, brother. This Lovecraftian ‘cube only adventure was a journey through time to stop the dastardly and bastardly machinations of the ‘eternals,’ big ol’ squelchy demon things from the depths of Tim Burton’s nightmares.

Anywho, I’m telling you all this because I’m getting some serious freaking Eternal Darkness vibes from this one. Feast your ogling eyes on these first screens of Call of Cthulu, Cyanide’s upcoming horror hitting PC and consoles next year.

These screens, and a quick slice of plot from Game Informer (‘you take the role of a private investigator from 1920s Boston named Edward Pierce. You investigate an artist and their family's death on a secluded island, by exploring areas such as sinister docks and the family's manor,’ holy hell it reeks of Eternal Darkness in here), are all we have to go on so far. Still, we can hope that a return to the kind of creeping, psychological horror the genre sorely needs is on the cards.

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