Is Ashlee Simpson Broadway Bound?

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bill-swift - August 23, 2006

If there's one thing worse than Ashlee Simpson's singing, it's her acting. Or, wait, is her singing worse than her acting? It's hard to tell, she's not very good at either. However, according to Us Weekly, it looks like Ashlee may soon be doing both (badly) at the same time. Rumour is, Ashlee has been offered the part of Roxy Hart in both the Broadway, and London productions of the musical Chicago.

"She will probably choose London," says the source, who adds that she would start in October. (Earlier this year, Rita Wilson played the role in New York.) Though Simpson has little experience in musical theater, she has been a backup dancer on her sis Jessica's tour, and showed off her acting chops for two years with a role on 7th Heaven. A Chicago rep tells Us, "There is no confirmation at this time."

Wow, how glad am I that I hate musicals!? Because if I actually cared about something like this, I'd probably be tearing my hair out. I mean, if they had cast Ashlee Simpson in the role of Lois Lane, I'd be furious, my inner fanboy exploding with rage. But now, I don't care. And I just chuckle at the thought of all those poor saps who will actually pay money to see Ashlee Simpson do a musical.

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