Irina Shayk Wows In White As She Steps Out In London

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aldo-vallon - December 5, 2017

 I desperately want to make fun of the man's facial expression in the first picture, but I think it is an all to accurate representation of what most of us would look like if Irina Shayk grabbed one of our arms. I am going to assume this happens to him on a fairly regular basis, and yet he still cannot contain himself. He looks as if he is splooging in his pants. I can only hope that the tux is not a rental, or that he doubled up on the boxers that night.

If I ever thought I would be in a similar situation I would spare no expense on the undergarments that I would choose to wear that night. I would buy whatever brand the people in Antarctica are wearing. One only gets the chance to make Irina uncomfortable once in their life, and that is if they are lucky. I would hate for it to happen so soon and be out of my control. It is a medical condition, don't ya know. It is not something to be laughed at at the expense of another.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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