Irina Shayk Super Hot Puss in Super Sexy Boots

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bill-swift - September 28, 2011

Leave it to uber-sextastic Russian supermodel Irina Shayk to make shoe shopping sexy. The hot bodied celebrity took her bodily talent to the pimping advertising pages of Xti Footwear to model shoes and boots and basically prove the indisputable fact that hot girls look hot in everything (or, of course, even hotter out of everything). She is an absolute stunner.

(For an epic by the way, how damn lucky of a bastard is Cristiano Ronaldo having Irina Shayk waiting for him in the stands during his soccer practices. The only person who ever waited for me at my AYSO practices was the oversized teen, Russell Tomaine, who beat me up repeatedly because I was always stepping on his cinnamon oil toothpick selling turf.)

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