Irina Shayk Hot Bikini Bod Only Weeks After Entering MILF Land

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earl-jonas - April 19, 2017

Victoria's Secret model Irina Shayk defies the laws of science and logic by looking ridiculously sexy in her new Instagram picture just weeks after having a baby. The sexy 31-year-old can be seen sunning on a lip-shaped pool float with her squeezable funbags, gorgeous face, and just all around perfect body on display. Just picture that those are your lips covering every inch of Shayk. Where would you even start?

I imagine that many new moms are sending Shayk death threats. Childbirth is a beautiful thing. The aftermath is lessened when you have access to a personal trainer and the ability to feel full on four pieces of kale. If I was a woman and had the unfortunate task of repairing myself after birthing a human, I'd give up after three seconds and spend my life being forklifted around. 

The Russian bombshell accompanies her picture with the caption "Pre-sunset #currentsituation." The other current situation happening is that Shayk's melons are bigger than ever thanks to her pregnancy. Shayk's boyfriend and baby daddy Bradley Cooper better appreciate that he's dating one of the sexiest things on the planet. He will. For about three more months then onto the next. Lucky bastard.


Photo Credit: Instagram