Irina Shayk Sextastic Award Show Appearance in Germany

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bill-swift - March 19, 2014

I must admit, I'm not exactly sure what the Spa Awards are. But Irina Shayk and her super wicked hot self was either receiving one or giving one out in Germany over the weekend. Not that she doesn't deserve whatever accolades she can receive, but if this happens to be for performance in an actual spa, then I can imagine Irina Shayk is probably unbeatable in this category. Can you imagine a woman you'd more like to hang out with in a hot tub? Nay.

Irina Shayk is most clearly heaven sent. But if you don't think the devil has a bit to say about these heaven sent hotties, you're fooling yourself. She's temptation incarnate. Tempt away, Irina, we can take it. Enjoy.