Irina Shayk Pimping Something Hot in Barcelona

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bill-swift - January 29, 2014

I have no idea what Irina Shayk was promoting in Barcelona, I only know that (1) whatever it is, I'm buying, and (2) I would love to take Irina Shayk on a tour of one of my Top 5 worldwide cities that I've been arrested in before. Ah, Barcelona, your beautiful beaches and wine-scented jail cells still haunt my waking moments.

As I've said before, the definition of marketing genius is the guy who convinces his company to pay for Irina Shayk to don their apparel and smile for the cameras while everybody ogles her leer-worthy hot body. So simple it's actually genius. I only wish I could afford Irina for the opening of my new home theater room, but I bought a sub-woofer off eBay instead. Not quite the same boom, but within blogger budget. Irina, let's hit the town. Enjoy.