Irina Shayk Highlights In Red Hot Cleavage For “The Red Obsession” Party In Paris

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michael-garcia - March 9, 2016


The "Red Obsession" party in Paris was a veritable smorgasbord of amazing cleavage. All the ladies present brought their boob A game. Probably the most astounding was Irina Shayk who was wearing a short red silky dress with a plunging neckline. The cleav is almost too intense to look at. But I will be strong and force myself to behold their power. The dress also showed off those long supermodel legs she's packing. Then there was Hailey Baldwin whose ginormous ta-tas were practically spilling out of her dress. There was not a wardrobe malfunction, that's just how the dress is. Eva Longoria was also in attendance wearing a TIGHT red dress that showed off those dynamite Latina curves. Taylor Marie Hill had a black sheer dress that was so low cut you could see some major top boob. Olivia Culpo wore a jacket but forgot to wear a bra or shirt underneath it. She wins the award for deepest cleav of the night.

Why don't I get invited to parties like this? I'm fashionable. I can wear red. 

Photo Credit: Splash