Irina Shayk Ever Sexy, Ever Hot Pimpstress of Whatever the Hell She Wants

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bill-swift - September 20, 2012

If we've said it once, we've said it approximately 37 times, if you want to be seen as a marketing genius, no matter what the hell you're selling, hire Irina Shayk to get looking all bendy and sexy and put her next to, inside, or on top of your product. Bingo! You're a genius. You win the Buick and you're on your way to Hawaii. It's so effin' easy.

In her latest promotional pictures for XTI 2012/2013 catalog, Irina Shayk shows that even when she's wearing far too many clothes, her oozing sextastic (actually, her sextastic, that's us oozing) is just so powerful, a thin bit of Southeast Asian factory woven garments can simply not contain it.

How badly would you like to have a blind date and knock on the door to find Irina Shayk looking like this and telling you she doesn't need to be home until dawn? Enjoy.