Ireland Baldwin Thongtastic Tease

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bill-swift - March 17, 2016

Ever since the day Alec Baldwin called his daughter a thoughtless pig on a telephone recording that went viral, the world has known and kind of felt sorry for Ireland Baldwin. Well, look who's all grown up now. And through some ups and downs, look who is exhibiting like a man damn dollars, sharing photos of her own hotself for all the world to see her sextastic. Pretty nice recovery.

Ireland Baldwin has been posting to social media of late, showing off her tall model figure and a booty in a thong that is most impressive. If you think this had zero to do with St. Patrick's Day, you're kidding yourself. Yet even more to do with her 365 days of allure. We all grow up eventually, I'm still waiting, but Ireland is well ahead of the pace. Yum. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram